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A selection of gift boxes around our wines, to offer or to have fun. SEE OUR PRODUCTS Accueil, Le Ruby de Lya
Slide SEE OUR PRODUCTS Owners of two vineyards in the Bordeaux region, we decided to create the Ruby of Lya to market our wines and share the wine with friends winegrowers French we appreciate the work. Castles and wine Cellars

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Accueil, Le Ruby de Lya
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SEE OUR PRODUCTS Accueil, Le Ruby de Lya
The Ruby of Lya

Ruby de Lya - Vente en ligne de coffrets de vins

From the earth to the glass...

Gildas Doret & Benjamin Bardet ( Ruby Lya ) will present their project around the marketing of wines and regional products.

The Ruby of Lya offers you to discover the different vintages, from their two properties, the Château Le Bernet & the Chateau Garance Haut Grenat.

Château Le Bernet and the Chateau Garance Haut Grenat are two wineries renowned producing exceptional quality wines in the Médoc region, in France.

Artisanal Products

All of our products are from the craft, worked in the respect of the traditions.


All of our wines have beenaoc Médoc coveted.

Carte Medoc Le Ruby de Lya


Transmitted from generation to generation, we produce our wines in the greatest respect of the grape.


Our vineyards are located on the famous rump By, grown in the traditional way on clay-limestone soils.

Cellar Wine and Spirits

Our Products

Coffret Bois Découverte , 3 Cuvées de Vins Rouges !

Original price was: 45,00€.Current price is: 40,00€.

Château Le Bernet – 2015 – Red – 75 cl

PRODUCT SOLD IN BOXES OF 6 BOTTLES OF 75CL. Born on a gravelly, looking over the estuary, this wine holds a fruity bouquet and a balance to the palate that make it very pleasant. Cultivated on an area of about 9 hectares of vines planted in the traditional way on calcareous-clay soils with a grape varieties typically médoc, Cabernet sauvignon provides a great finesse, with a good fruity, and a guarantee of successful aging. The Merlot contributes to the flexibility and offers sweetness to this wine.
Chateau le Bernet - Le ruby de Lya
Château le Bernet

Born on a mound of gravel
looking at the estuary...

Real wine wine, the Château Le Bernet takes a fruity bouquet and a balance to the palate that make it very pleasant.
Chateau Garance Haut Grenat

A cru artisan product
by vignes ancestral

A deep red, the nose is very aromatic, you will discover in the mouth, silky tannins and lots of fruit and volume for this wine regularly selected and prized.
Château Garance Haut Grenat - Le Ruby de Lya

These two castles attach great importance to the quality of the grapes, as well as the respect for the traditions and know-how in the field of viticulture.

The grapes on the vines are carefully selected and sorted by hand, before being transported to the winery in stainless steel, where they will be transformed into wine. The grapes are pressed and fermented with a special attention to the temperature, humidity, and the various stages of the winemaking process.

The end result is a wine of wine-grower of high-quality, which fully expresses the terroir of the region of the haut-Médoc. The wines produced by Chateau le Bernet and the Chateau Garance Haut Grenat are assemblages of subtle different grape varieties, selected for their quality and aging potential.

Château Le Bernet has obtained the appellation of controlled origin MEDOC, which is one of the most prestigious appellations of wine in France. This designation ensures that the grapes are grown in a specific terroir, according to traditional methods and environmentally friendly. It also attests that the wines are of exceptional quality and meet very strict criteria in terms of production and tasting.

In sum, the wines produced by Chateau le Bernet and the Chateau Garance Haut Grenat are the result of an exceptional know-how and a great passion for viticulture. These wines are delicious to drink as soon as they are placed in the bottle, but also capable of improving with time thanks to their aging potential.


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