Chateau Garance Haut Grenat - tastings and wine sales in Begadan

This vineyard, composed of 50% by vineyards, having more than 60 years, covers an area of 5 hectares, divided into several small plots on the " rump of By ".
Château Garance Haut Grenat - Le Ruby de Lya
Year after year, and work force, Raymond et Huguette Rebes,


Chateau Garance Haut Grenat is a wine estate located in the heart of the Medoc, of about 5 hectares. It produces red wines of great quality, made with the traditional grape varieties of the region. The know-how of Gildas Doret and Benjamin Bardet is reflected in each of the bottles produced, offering wine lovers a unique experience.

The fruit of their labour went on and then at harvest time to the cave cooperative of Bégadan in the Médoc region to participate in the development of the thought of the village.
Gildas DORET, a young winemaker passionate successor to Lawrence Rebes, former owner


Laurent Rebes of the experience gained, echoed in 1994, the family-run business, and create the Chateau Garance Haut Grenat, whose first vintage was in 1998.

Exciting project that allows you to discover the wines and regional products of quality of Gildas Doret and Benjamin Bardet. We invite you to come experience our passion and our expertise at your next visit in the region. You will not be disappointed by the quality of our products and the unique experience that we offer to you.

In turn, in 2020, he decided to pass the baton and chooses Gildas DORET, a young winemaker enthusiast who helped already on the property, to succeed him.
Chateau Garance Haut Grenat Cuvée La Rivière 2018 - Le Ruby de Lya

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Chateau Garance Haut Grenat is a wine estate located in the charming town of Bégadan, in the wine region of Bordeaux in France. The estate produces wines of higher quality by using traditional winemaking techniques, and by carefully selecting the grapes, the more mature and healthier.

The estate offers an experience of wine tasting unique and free to visitors, where they can taste the local wines in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors have the opportunity to taste a variety of wines, ranging from rich reds and full-bodied with fresh and fruity whites, all while learning about the wine-making techniques used by the domain.

In addition to the wine tasting, Chateau Garance Haut Grenat also offers guided tours of its facilities for the production of wine, where visitors can learn more about the different stages of winemaking and discover the history of the property.

Finally, visitors have the opportunity to purchase the wines produced on-site directly to the domain. The bottles are available to purchase on-site but also on-line in our shop and visitors can also order online for home delivery.

In sum, the Chateau Garance Haut Grenat offers a tasting experience of unique wine in the Bordeaux region, with the wines of superior quality, a warm welcome and a beautiful view on the surrounding vineyards.